Arsenic Removal


TitanSorb® media has great advantage over other products.

The removal efficiency of conventional arsenic removal technologies for Arsenic (III) is poor.
TitanSorb® instead can treat Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (IV) and only requires a very short contact time.
A contact time between 30s and 2min is sufficient to reduce the arsenic to less than 10ppb.
TitanSorb® does neither require the use of any chemicals nor backwashing, but it should be lifted periodically to avoid channeling. Therefore the operating costs are very low.
Arsenic is bound irreversible to the media, so that even after disposal no arsenic can be released into the environment. The amount of solid residue at the end of adsoption process is very small. This makes the product environmentally friendly and economical.

TitanSorb® is used for potable water treatment as well as for industrial application.
TitanSorb® is removing Arsenic in millions of gallons of drinking water daily.