Boiler Water


"BEST" means most effective for the protection of health and environment.
FILTERSORB® SP3 Systems are installed and successfully used worldwide, in thousands of Heat Exchanger, Hot-Water boilers, Steam boilers or steam generating Distillation Plants.

"BOILER" First FILTERSORB® SP3 reduces corrosion or stops it entirely. Existing rust deposits are partially dissolved.Secondly FILTERSORB® SP3 reduces scale deposits and blow down. It clears the scale in the boilers if used properly and this scale is flushed out with the blow down. Thirdly FILTERSORB® SP3 stops or reduces the process of fouling in the heat exchangers.

"TECHNOLOGIES" includes "Nucleation Assisted Crystallization" (NAC) technology in the way it is designed, installed, built, maintained, operated and commissioned. This is a green technology without using salt, magnets, electric or template devices.

Boiler Water Treatment

Whether Softened water, Reverse Osmosis water or City Water is used for Boiler make up, Rest hardness stabilization, corrosion control and dispersion of solids - are absolutely necessary to treat with Biodegradable Chemicals, without using Phosphates, EDTA or NTA. Harmful substances which are present in boiler water are sodium compounds of chloride and sulfate, and temporary hardness of Calcium and Magnesium dissolved in carbon dioxide. Also oxygen is present in feed water. Any metals like Iron, Manganese or Copper enters into the boilers to magnify the existing problems further.