Reverse Osmosis

High Recovery Reverse osmosis Technology

We at "WATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY" have incorporated several world-class renowned Green Medias & Chemicals with standard equipment/ instruments that are time tested. Utmost care is taken for selection of proper material of construction for each component in "WATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY" Desalination RO system. This is because we believe that appropriate selection of materials is vital in our highly efficiently sophisticated system.

Within a short span of its operation WATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY has earned a reputation for being provider of the most effective and efficient solution for RO using the latest innovative technologies and techniques which are all mode of operations likes manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic systems.

Reverse Osmosis system of capacity ranging from 100 liter/hr to 50000 liters/hr for various applications like Drinking, Pharmaceuticals, Semi-conductors, Electronics, chemicals, Food & beverages, Mineral water, Process water feed conversion of sea water to drinking water etc. These systems can treat water which has TDS ranging from 500 PPM to 10000 PPM.

As a "WATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY", we always involved in mostly efficiently RO plant by using imported media likes Zeosorb media, Carbonsorb media, Katalox Light media, Filtersorb SP3 media instead of Regular Sand Filter, Activated Carbon & Ion Exchange Resin. We always try to use single dosing green chemical instead of no of harmful chemicals.

Our main aim to Design RO systems with higher recovery & less harmful chemicals in reject water with the help of our latest Green filtering media & Dosing Chemical Technology.