Instant Dosing

Watch® combines valuable chemistry with commitment, innovation and expertise to deliver simple and the most cost-effective water Dosing Chemicals infrastructure solutions to every customers accross the globe. Our comprehensive INSTANT chemicals treats the scaling, corrosion, organic and inorganic deposit formations. We provide the industry with most powerful, certified chemical Dosing Solutions that remove all problems and prevents corrosion and scale that cause a majority of all possible water quality concerns and environmental problems with phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine issues.

Teach all your clients how they can advance with "INSTANT 2013 Technology" with cost effective, advanced Dosing Solutions to reduce Disinfection Byproduct levels by removing existing scale, corrosion and all biofilms thus without Chlorine, Phosphates, Phosphonates, EDTA, NTA and service costs. Contact us today to schedule an INSTANT Course and learn more in your office.

Residential Water
Virtually all water treatment equipment and water treatment systems a re damaged with organic and inorganic deposits, these deposits are in brine tanks, filters, filter medias, ion-exchange resins, membrane systems and almost all distribution pipes and resevoirs.